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maximum security

Security_ImageThere are several ways to ensure that your newly acquired picnic table or bench seat remains in your possession. The security solution depends on your ground surface.

On a Hard Standing Surface...

On tarmac, concrete or flags etc. we would recommend our bracket kits. Four very sturdy galvanized brackets complete with bolts, nuts and washers, and four masonry anchors to 'bolt down' the product at each corner.

These are available for £20 per Bracket Kit.

On a Soft Surface...

On a soft ground surface we would suggest digging and concreting the units into the ground. We can provide extra long legs on the Hampshire, Wiltshire and Norfolk products (at £12) so that the 'extra' bit can be securely concreted in. Or alternatively we can provide 'Deep Brackets' for securely concreting our other products (at £28). These include the four 'Deep Brackets' and the nuts, bolts and washers to attach.

It should be noted that whilst these solutions seem to work really well in the average commercial environment, they are not neccessarily the 'last word' in security and as such no guarantees are given.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a bolting down or digging service. These solutions are provided on a supply only basis .